Climate Change

The international scientific community is more than 90% certain that most of global warming is being caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities. The major cause of this change is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. These findings have been recognized by the scientific community in all major industrialized nations. We must make wise decisions to meet and reverse this trend without crippling our struggling economy. If we act correctly to meet this challenge, we can actually stimulate the economy as new industries emerge to provide cleaner energy and transportation.

Our current leadership has done the opposite by instituting tariffs on solar panels mistakenly framing the issue as a need to protect our manufacturing base rather than as a need to reduce our energy dependence and carbon footprint. This has actually hurt solar jobs in the U.S. as 50% of the solar workforce is active in installing solar panels while just 25% of the workforce in involved in manufacturing.

I am currently reviewing arguments on the revenue neutral carbon tax proposed by the Citizen's Climate Lobby to determine if this proposal provides benefits over the cap and trade system.

Regardless of whether we can actually influence nature, we should clean up after ourselves. Any project performed by a quality craftsman is only complete when the cleanup is done. The same should be true of any industrial process.

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  • commented 2018-03-22 03:54:51 -0700
    What you have explained here is totally right. The dependency rate of the internet has increased a lot in the recent times and everything is being taken care through the internet these days. The hackers have also improved their skills and they can get into your PC anytime they want to if you haven’t taken the security measures.
  • commented 2017-04-28 00:49:24 -0700
    I Beleve in a lot of your fundamental philosophies and I am proud that you are supporting changes that Bernie is avacating for. I am sure that your supporting other policies that a true progressive’s are for including foreign international affairs ending unjustified wars in the Middle East. I am thrilled your running a Grassroots campaign and I am looking forward for you to win,so the working poor and middle class can survive and which the Revolution can march forward ThankYou!! Mr. Stokes.
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