I'm running for U.S. Senate to restore democracy in America and to support Bernie Sanders in Congress. Can you help gather a few signatures to qualify for the ballot? The petitions require "wet" signatures on a printed form. Please register to volunteer with your email address and contact number so we can arrange for return of petitions. You can get petition and instructions here or by emailing

We need 10,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot. Any registered voter within the state of California may sign. Register here. Whether you simply sign the petition yourself or can circulate to family members and friends, every signature is vital. With 100 circulators each collecting 100 signatures we will hit our target. Petitions must be returned to the county registrar by February 25, 2016. Please keep us posted on your count of signatures collected.

It’s preferable to file petitions by walking them in, if you can. Please contact our office immediately if you can serve as a point-of-contact to return petitions in your county or to connect with the point person in your area. Our office number is 323-484-6550.

College campuses are an especially fruitful venue for collecting signatures. If you collect signatures from voters residing in more than one county, a separate petition page is required for each county. Please contact us for address of other California counties.

If you and just a few others are signing a Single Petition that may be returned to the county registrar of voters by mail. Please mail no later that February 22, 2016. Here is the list of California County addresses.

It is important that the petitions be completed clearly and legibly by registered voters within each county. The registrar of each county will need the original form with “wet signatures” properly certified by the circulator. (See directions)

Please see the attached one-sheet overview and help spread the message of my campaign to get our nation back on track.

I love our state and our country. I grew up knowing that anything is possible through determination and hard work. The American principles embodied in the Bill of Rights provided the perfect framework for a country of unbridled optimism and world leadership with moral integrity as the expected standard.

I want to protect our Bill of Rights and our environment. I want a government we can trust where laws are fairly and equally applied and where our resources are well managed for the benefit of all.

Our democracy and our civil liberties are being eroded. We must move beyond party politics to repair this crisis in our democracy. Let's tell them we want our country back.

I humbly ask for your endorsement, your help circulating petitions, your small but incredibly significant donation, and for your vote in the primary on June 7, 2016.


    All my best,

        Steve Stokes


Steve Stokes  

Steve Stokes for U.S. Senate
Grassroots Democrat
1301 W. 2nd Street, Suite 102
Los Angeles CA 90026
United States
Ph: 323-484-6550

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