Term Limits

A representative who spends over 10 years in public office without returning to life as a private citizen cannot help but lose touch with the concerns of private citizens. After a decade in office one becomes part of the power elite which only seeks to consolidate power. This is destructive of democracy. The longer an incumbent remains is in Washington, the greater is their entrenchment and obligation to the lobbyists and moneyed interests which have kept them in office and the more disconnected they become from their constituents.

In America, we are not meant to be led by a class that spends their entire lives in office. Democracy means we must all get involved. Congressional representatives should be selected from amongst the constituents which they would represent. Just like a jury, our representatives should selected from amongst the most astute of our peers.

As aware voters, we should never chose to return an incumbent to office unless they have achieved distinction and have proven to be of transformational character. This year especially we need to send the message that Americans are in control, not the politicians. We cannot continue voting for the political dynasty that has brought our country to the current state of disorder. We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

I will sponsor legislation to enact term limits so that our representatives can serve a maximum of four terms. Eight years is adequate time for a delegate to implement their objectives. But we needn’t wait for term limits to be enacted, just vote for the wave of independent candidates who are stepping forth to rebirth democracy in America.

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  • commented 2017-05-02 01:51:20 -0700
    I like the idea. but we have to make democracy much better from this according to these term limits.
  • commented 2016-06-13 01:47:05 -0700
    I voted for you, but I do not like the idea of term limits. For me it far more democratic for voters decide who shall represent their interests in Washington and for how long. It is also the electorate responsibility to remain vigilant and recognize when their representative has lost touch with the concerns of private citizens.
  • commented 2016-05-16 15:31:20 -0700
    I sure do love ideas of placing in term limits. And we need to get rid of midterm elections. No one wants to do mid terms! We need to make every four years matter. So let’s have representatives and senators have to face the same years that a president must be chosen and give much more meaning to our democracy. Just like the Olympics we have to make our democracy specutlar!
  • commented 2016-05-06 16:35:29 -0700
    I like the idea. What about career lobbyists? You can’t exactly limit terms on them, and their long-term experience can easily give them an advantage over a short-term congressional representative.
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